Horus Lodge No. 3155

Meet the Officers: Our First Worshipful Master

Now, we all know that there is a Committee of human beings (well, mostly – you know Secretaries.…) behind everything that’s happening, but who actually are they? In each edition of the Horus Herald we will be introducing you to one of the Committee who will be taking active Office in the Lodge, giving you a chance to learn a bit about them as a person and as Freemason.

In this edition we will begin with the Chairman and first Worshipful Master of the newly reinvigorated Horus Lodge No. 3155.

Name:Neil-Thomas Allen
Time in Freemasonry:9 years
Mother Lodge:St George Bahrain, 7389 (East Kent)
Rank(s):Worshipful Master

Neil-Thomas Allen (or NTA) has been an active member of both Craft and Chapter for 9 years, having been Initiated in 2012 and Exalted in to Royal Arch in 2015. In that time, he has not been one for sitting still for long. While progressing through the Offices in both Craft and Chapter (now being a Past Master, Past First Principal and Director of Ceremonies in both the Craft and Royal Arch) he somehow found time to join an impressive list of appendant orders: Royal Order of Scotland, Order of Mark Master Masons, Fraternity of Royal Ark mariners, Order of the Secret Monitor, Order of the Scarlet Cord, Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees, Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, and the Order of Knights Templar!

Outside of Freemasonry, NTA hosts a podcast (Brother: The Masonic Podcast) as well as instagram accounts dedicated to his pet Corgi, Moneypenny, and his house refurbishment.

He has also been known to drink the occasional beer.

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