Horus Lodge No. 3155

Secretary’s Update – Oct/Nov 2021

Secretary’s Table

Brethren, thank you for your patience thus far. A lot has been happening behind the scenes, and I apologise for not being able to keep you all updated individually on progress. At time of writing, I have received just shy of one hundred Form Ms (with a few more promised on the way) – most are from Masons in Lodges under UGLE, but others are from as far afield as Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Canada, the USA, Bolivia, Trinidad and Ghana!

The good news is that we have passed a tipping point which allows our Brother Treasurer to finalise the fees. Our aim is to keep these as low as possible – covering UGLE’s subs and those of Met, room hire, storage fees, and just a small buffer to cover miscellaneous Lodge running costs. To this end, we have set the Joining Fee at £35, and the annual subs at £135 per annum

So, what happened next? The new by-laws have been drafted and submitted for approval, and the first wave of joiners who will see the transition through have been selected. In the next meeting of the ‘old’ Horus Lodge, (5 members  are keeping the Lodge alive while we make these changes) the Committee will be read out as Joining Members, to be balloted on and (we hope!) join in January, and a Notice of Motion will be submitted for the new by-laws to be voted for at the same meeting as we join. In January, the Committee will join Horus, the by-laws will be approved for adoption, and Neil-Thomas Allen will be elected as Master Elect. We will also go through the process of reading out all the Joining Members who will be coming in at the Installation meeting.

The Bylaws will set the new meeting dates (3rd Saturday in May and October) and move the financial year to a 1st May start. We are doing this last part to ensure that everyone gets a full year out of their subs – we didn’t want you to all have to pay a second round just a few months after joining the Lodge!

Dining will be in the Gallery Suite at Freemasons Hall, and there will be a guest craft brewery running both a beer tasting and a private bar for us on the day (don’t worry, wine and the usual spirits will still be available).

If you have any questions, please email me at Secretary@horus3155.com

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