Horus Lodge No. 3155

Horus Lodge Needs YOU! A Call for Volunteers

A Call for Officers

Would you like an opportunity to get involved in Horus Lodge by taking an Office? We are actively seeking volunteers from amongst our members to take on the following Offices:

  • Inner Guard
  • Membership Officer
  • Royal Arch Representative
  • Organist
  • Tyler
  • Stewards

Inner Guard

Traditionally the first position a Mason holds in a progressive Lodge, some might look down on this Office as being the most junior floor Office in the room. We don’t.

As Horus isn’t a progressive Lodge, Inner Guard is not simply the first step on ‘the ladder’; it is a highly visible Office, the holder of which will interact with every guest and visitor we have – you will be, in effect, the herald who announces every official visitor into the Temple. We don’t mind if you’ve been through the Chair a dozen times or have only just joined Freemasonry. If you think you can take this Office and fill it with the dignity and aplomb it deserves, we want to hear from you.

Membership Officer:

Due to the position of Horus 3155 as a national (indeed, international) Lodge, the post of Membership Officer isn’t one to be taken on lightly. Experience is a bonus, but enthusiasm and commitment will be key for making a success of this Office – we need someone who is as passionate and committed to the future of Horus Lodge as we are. Ideally, you should be social media savvy, as you’ll be seeking to engage with potential members from around the country, and able to work well with the Almoner and Secretary/Assistant Secretary to help promote the Lodge on a global stage

Royal Arch Representative

Horus Lodge does not (yet?) have an associated Chapter, so this will be a slightly unusual version of this Office! We are looking for an experienced Royal Arch Mason who can effortlessly explain the benefits of joining the Royal Arch to interested Brethren and then liaise with their local Province to help find them a Chapter where they will fit in and enjoy being a part of it. You may never hand a single SGC Form out, but you will be key in helping people find their place in Royal Arch Masonry.


Are you an experienced organist looking to get the chance to play the absolute beast of an organ in Temple 10? Are you an enthusiastic amateur who wants the chance to let out their creative side in Lodge meetings? Do you just like playing the organ and getting thrown in at the deep end? Yes? Then we want to talk to you. The organist is at the heart of a Lodge meeting – it’s not just about the odes and Anthem, it’s those little personalised musical accompaniments to Investments and announcements, etc which help make a meeting memorable.


Do you like standing outside rooms, peering inside through a little peephole? If so…. Actually, no, we probably don’t want to talk to that guy…! Let’s start again. The Tyler is an intrinsic part of any Masonic meeting – you’re the doorman of the Lodge; there to greet everyone from new Candidates and returning members to visiting dignitaries and Chains, and you send us on our way with the Tyler’s Toast. We need someone with a commanding presence, to make that first impression of Horus a memorable one with a real impact on everyone you meet. If you think you could represent the Lodge in this way, please let us know.


Our Festive Boards will be a unique event, and so our Stewards need to play a unique role. You will be playing an active role in the beer tasting and Festive Board following each meeting – acting as ushers to get people to the right place, escorting visiting dignitaries/official guests of the Lodge to their places, and looking after them during the course of the day. Identified by custom-made collarettes, you will be a self-managing team that needs to work together and think on your feet to keep the day going smoothly. It will be a bit different from the average Steward’s role (you won’t be selling raffle tickets or pouring drinks at the bar), but it should be fun and rewarding. If you have experience in organising people/public events and can think fast and react well to the unexpected, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or would like to be considered for any of these Offices, please email me at Secretary@horus3155.com

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