Horus Lodge No. 3155

Overseas Joiners #1: Sergio Jimenez, Bolivia

We have had a fair number of inquiries and Forms from Brethren in overseas Jurisdictions (from as close as within the UK, to as far away as the Americas), so in each edition of the Herald, we hope to put the spotlight on a joiner from overseas – a chance to learn a little about them, Freemasonry in their country, and what attracted them to join this Lodge.

The first in this series takes us to Bolivia and Sergio Jimenez whose mother Lodge is Mariscal De Zepita Lodge No. 20 and who is currently Junior Warden in Horizonte de Luz Lodge No. 85. We asked him to tell us a little about Freemasonry in Bolivia, about himself, and what made him want to join Horus 3155 in England. This is the story in his own words:

Horus 3155 in South America, Bolivia!!

Needless to say, as initiated members, we keep united in the precepts, guidelines, and teachings that Masonry offers us. Starting from this point, and considering the universality to which the Order has reached, it was natural for its members to have an interest in meeting and seeking for other members, who share the same interest, Brethren around the world.

Personally, that search led me to find on the networks quite useful information and very fraternal Brothers, who like me, live Freemasonry inside and outside the temples. This is how I came to belong, first to a WhatsApp group and then I was able to witness how things were happening in order to become a regular and perfect lodge, which I am sure, would happen soon.

Finding myself on the other side of the world, it is a great pride to be able to say that Horus 3155 has an ambassador in Bolivia, a member who wishes to be able to share experiences with the Brothers in Bolivia, about how Masonry is lived in the United Kingdom. It is easy for us to say that our Grand Lodge, depends, works, and is recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. However, being able to live it daily in chats, calls, Zoom sessions, is something that definitely fills you up.

Like all of us, when we first enter the temple in darkness and when the light is restored to us, we see several people who start calling you Brother, without knowing you and hoping that you can engage in the precepts of the Order. In the same way, I felt how several Brothers have opened their friendship to a person who is almost 10,000 kilometers away with obstacles such as Language, time difference, etc.

I want to thank my Father who initiated me when he was Worshipful Master, for giving me the opportunity to be a member of the Order. I also want to thank all the Brothers that I got to know on this path, of course, the opportunity that I had to get to know and share with Brethren in the United Kingdom. I am sure that this does not end here, and that we will soon share jobs in the United Kingdom and in Bolivia as well, as proud members of Horus 3155.

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