Horus Lodge No. 3155

Secretary’s Update – Jan 2022


I hope this finds you all well. After months of preparation, things are starting to get in to scarily real territory! Hopefully by the time you read this, you will have received an email update about Clearance Certificates – so this seems like an apt time to update you all on the timeline.

On Wednesday 24th November the six Committee members who will be doing the formal ‘takeover’ of Horus Lodge No 3155 were read out at Freemasons Hall, and Notices of Motion were made to amend the Bylaws and offer the six members of ‘old’ Horus Honorary Membership to thank them for their work steering the Lodge to this point.

We will be balloted for and join the Lodge at the next meeting on Wednesday January 26th – after which we will vote through the new Bylaws, bestow Honorary Membership on our predecessors, and begin updating the official Lodge stationary with the new Crest. We will also be reading out the names of everyone who has submitted a Form M – might take a while, there are almost a hundred of you so far!

If you have sent in a Form M, please can you send through your Clearance Certificates by Sunday 9th January to allow us to process them ahead of the meeting. If you have not yet sent in a Form M but wish to do so, please can you aim to get it and the Certificates with me by the same date.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Freemason Hall on Saturday May 21st!

If you have any questions or Forms Ms, please email me at Secretary@horus3155.com

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