Horus Lodge No. 3155

The Old Lodge Meeting

On Wednesday 24th November 2021, the current Brethren of Horus Lodge No. 3155 met in due and ancient form at Freemasons Hall, to conduct the formal business of the Lodge and progress the planned takeover.

After Opening and taking the Minutes, respects to departed merit were paid to W Bro Gordon Wilson, PDepGSupWks, and former Secretary of the Lodge. W Bro David Wilson was declared as Worshipful Master, and his Officers were appointed and invested.

A Notice of Motion was received by the Lodge to amend the bylaws to those proposed for the ‘new’ Horus Lodge, and the names of the six Committee members who will be joining for the takeover were read out.

And with this, the way is formally paved for the takeover to move one (very big) step forwards.

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